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WESTMINSTER has had another stroke of potentially Union-saving genius, and it seems to have come from the same brain that thought sending Boris Johnson to the site of a Covid outbreak was a good idea…

The newest cunning plan to ensure the United Kingdom remains United was reportedly to send two members of the royal family to live north of the Border.

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According to reports in the Daily Mail, the plan to send Prince Edward to live in Scotland was dreamt up by No10 busybodies “alarmed at the Scottish National Party surging in the polls amid growing calls for a new independence referendum”.

After all, if there’s one group that Scots get along with famously, it’s royals called Edward. (Just not Edward I, or Edward II).

Prince Edward, who was made the Earl of Forfar in 2019, is Queen Elizabeth’s fourth and youngest child.

He became the Earl of Wessex after he married Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999, and the two currently live together in Bagshot Park, a sprawling palace set on 51-acres in Surrey.

The National: Would this royal couple living in Scotland stop the Yes movement in its tracks?Would this royal couple living in Scotland stop the Yes movement in its tracks?

The brains running Downing Street thought it might be a better idea to have them move to Scotland, and become the face of the royals north of the Border. (The Queen never spends any time here herself after all…)

The royal pair would relocate to Holyrood palace, “to lead efforts to increase the number of royal engagements [in Scotland]”.

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The most recent royal engagement, which saw Prince William and Kate travel across the UK in spite of travel advice which applied to the rest of us, went down so well.

Taking to Twitter in wake of the news, comedian Janey Godley joked: "SNP shut up! Indy people SHOOSH if we ALL vote TORY and support the Union - we “MIGHT” get a Prince to live in a castle in Edinburgh- don’t worry it won’t be Andrew, he is busy."

Buckingham Palace reportedly had no knowledge of the plan to relocate Edward, and Downing Street never made it a formal request. We wonder why?