THE new national membership organisation for the Yes movement was launched last night when the website went live at 7pm as scheduled.

Now Scotland was already recruiting members as The National went to press, and the organisation has also begun social media operations.

Now Scotland described itself as “the new mass-membership indy organisation for all indy supporters”.

The website says it is “a member-led campaign organisation run by members for members”.

“Whether you’re in an indy party or Yes group or none, we all share the same goal. By uniting to share and coordinate our efforts, we can do this.

“Together by mass effort we really can make a difference. Enough. Enough of paralysis. Now is the time to make Scotland’s struggle for freedom visible on the world stage.

“Let’s make 2021 the year that really moves the indy movement forward and prizes the jaws of Westminster apart. Let’s do it. Now.”

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The organisation is using NationBuilder software which helped the SNP win an overall majority in the Holyrood elections in 2011. The 15-strong steering committee is already aiming for its first big event, an online assembly scheduled for March 6.

Now Scotland said: “A mass-membership organisation is needed to provide a democratic forum for the indy movement and to unite the Scottish people.

“Since 2014 the active independence movement has expanded by hundreds of thousands and overflowed the boundaries of the existing pro-independence political parties. Now Scotland is a unique forum that allows every supporter of independence an equal voice in determining the common direction of the movement. For the first time in modern history, a consistent majority of the Scottish electorate now say they want to re-establish Scottish independence.

“This is a momentous turning point. Now Scotland provides a means for the rising Scottish nation to act together in a non-partisan way. We are open to everyone.

“We do not claim exclusivity, but we aim to provide a national umbrella organisation for all those active in the struggle for Scottish emancipation.”

One of the first calls on the website is for people to join up and share their vision for Scotland. We all have our reasons for wanting Scotland to be an independent nation.

It states: “We all know what we imagine an independent Scotland to look like. Now it’s time to share your vision with us.

“This can be one word, a few sentences or even an essay. Or you can get creative and use a picture or video to show us what Scottish independence means to you.

“Don’t forget to tag us and use #MyIndyScotland and #NowScotland when sharing on social media!”