SCOTTISH craft brewer BrewDog has announced the launch of its “buy one, get one tree” initiative.

Yesterday’s launch marks the brewer’s commitment to planting one tree for every multipack of its headliner beers purchased throughout the year.

It’s hoped the initiative will see more than one million trees planted over the coming months.

The multipacks eligible for the “buy one, get one tree” promotion will be available from all major supermarkets and BrewDog’s own website at, starting from £5.

In order to have a tree planted on their behalf, customers can scan the QR code on the multipack box, or head to the BrewDog website.

Planting is to be completed in partnership with the Eden Project, and is part of a wider programme focused on native tree planting and ecosystem restoration.

The sustainable initiative is to be funded by BrewDog’s latest crowdfunder, Equity Punks for Tomorrow.

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“Buy one, get one tree” is part of a wider sustainability strategy across the business, following last year’s announcement that it was the first carbon-negative international beer brand in the world.

The announcement laid out the business’s plans to overhaul its approach, as well as changes it would be making to its brewing methods, energy supply and distribution network under the guidance of lead scientific adviser, Professor Mike Berners-Lee.

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, said: “Last year BrewDog became the world’s first carbon negative international beer brand, and now we’re embarking on the biggest project in our history.

“‘Buy one, get one tree’ will see us plant over one million trees in the coming months, with the support of the biggest supermarkets across the UK.

“This ground-breaking project is just the beginning and BrewDog will continue to be the catalyst for change, putting the planet first and leading the way for businesses to make a positive impact on our planet.”

Last month, BrewDog additionally launched Lost Lager, a beer with a “planet-first” approach.

It uses one-third less water in the brewing process, supermarket’s surplus fresh bread, and wind to power the process.

The launch saw it give away four packs to customers, and commit to planting a tree with every redemption.

The giveaway provided the funding to plant more than 280,000 trees in partnership with the Eden Project.