THE SNP have officially backed The National’s Yes Challenge, just as the drive passed a milestone moment.

More than 2500 Scots have already signed up, pledging to convert at least one undecided voter to the pro-independence cause.

That means the challenge has already achieved 50% of its goal, within just two days of launch.

Now, the SNP have also added their support, describing it as a “great chance for folks to take a fresh look at the positive case” for Scottish independence.


The campaign idea is a simple one – we want everybody in the Yes movement to nominate one undecided voter and take them on a 12-week journey to Yes.

Constitution Secretary Michael Russell, singer-songwriter Eddi Reader, and the man behind the Wee Ginger Dug blog, Paul Kavanagh, are among the thousands of Yessers to have already thrown their weight behind the challenge.

The National: National columnist Paul Kavanagh, aka Wee Ginger Dug, will be one of the speakers at the event

Announcing the SNP’s backing, the party’s depute leader, Keith Brown, said the challenge “comes at a great time”.

He continued: “The Yes Challenge is an exciting initiative that will be of great interest to all independence supporters.

“We’ve all got undecided and ‘soft No’ friends and family –and many are on a journey – so this is a great chance for folks to take a fresh look at the positive case for becoming an independent country.”


Brown added: “It comes at a great time too. The crucial election is just three short months away, and I would urge everyone – who agrees that the people of Scotland and not Boris Johnson have the right to decide Scotland’s future – to make it both votes SNP.”

The goal is to have 5000 Scots signed up to the challenge by Friday, February 5. National editor Callum Baird said the rapid progress so far shows “we’re well on our way to our target”.

Each person who signs up will nominate someone they know who’s on the fence. To help them come around to independence, we’ll give them 12 weeks of free access to The National starting from that date.

Each nominee will also get free access to a series of virtual events exclusively for undecided voters – a safe space in which they can ask questions of real experts who can answer any fears or queries about the case for Yes.

They will also be sent a series of exclusive articles penned by our partners Believe in Scotland aimed at unsure voters, tackling the concerns most frequently raised around Scottish independence.

The articles will highlight the democratic deficit in the UK, dispel the myths of the Union, tell the truth about Brexit and talk up the potential of independence.


Believe in Scotland’s founder, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, said: “With 20 polls in a row showing a majority for Yes and support for independence as high as 58%, now is the time to build momentum and our ambitious grassroots campaign will do just that.”

Over the course of our campaign, we’re aiming for:

- 5000 people to sign the Yes Challenge pledge.

- 2000 undecided voters to participate in the Open Minds to Independence journey.

- 1000 confirmed new Yes voters after 12 weeks.

- 200 “No to Yes” conversion testimonials to share via print and social media.

But we’re confident that we can smash all of these numbers – if everybody gets behind us.

To get involved in the biggest independence campaign since 2014, visit today and sign the pledge.

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