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IN the least popular trip north since Edward II’s in 1314, Boris Johnson decided to visit Scotland in the middle of lockdown.

With a year’s worth of opinion polls showing a majority in favour of independence, the Prime Minister was desperate.

Last summer when he visited, the Tory leader was forced to keep all human contact with the natives at a minimum for fear that someone may actually tell him what they really think of him.

That was in July, and it all went downhill from there.

The National: Locals in Orkney welcomed Boris Johnson in JulyLocals in Orkney welcomed Boris Johnson in July

Polling shows the Prime Minister remains deeply unpopular among us “verminous” Scots – we can’t imagine why.

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In January he came on a jaunt up to Scotland to tell us to reinforce “the importance of the strength of the United Kingdom in the fight against Covid-19”.

It definitely wasn't because he’s scared of being remembered as the Prime Minister who destroyed the Union – in addition to the worst PM of all time, narrowly pipping his two Tory predecessors.

It seems Johnson will have to work miracles to change opinion in Scotland.

The National: Glaswegians gathered in December 2019 to protest Boris Johnson's election victory Glaswegians gathered in December 2019 to protest Boris Johnson's election victory

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That’s if opinions in Glasgow, where he’s expected to visit, are anything to go by.

Asked about the Prime Minister’s mid-pandemic visit, locals gave their views to Classic FM.

If your name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, cover your eyes and ears now.

“We’re no allowed to leave our bit, so how should he be allowed tae?” asked one respondent.

“I’ve nae time for the man,” another added.

Unfortunately, we'll never know what the last contributor would have told the Prime Minister. But we reckon we could have a good guess. 

You can always trust Glaswegians to tell it like it is.