EVERYONE in the UK has become accustomed to being told to stay at home, but it seems the message hasn’t been heard by the Prime Minister.

That’s the view of some Scottish MPs, who have told Boris Johnson to cancel his trip north.

According to reports, the Tory leader will head to Scotland on Thursday in a bid to “save the Union” amid sustained majority support for independence.

Perthshire is said to be among the potential destinations for the PM, prompting local MPs to tell him to stay away.

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SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire warned the trip defied all public health measures.

He told the Courier: “At this critical time, when it looks as if we might finally be seeing the numbers of infection falling again, it is hugely troublesome to hear that Boris Johnson plans to defy all the stay at home messaging and travel from London to Scotland.

“Some London boroughs still see infection rates of over 700 per 100,000 of population, at a time when the average rate across Perth and Kinross is below 150 per 100,000.

“I would politely, but firmly suggest to the Prime Minister that this trip is not essential, it is not appropriate and I think that most people in Scotland would agree with that point.”

The National: SNP MP Pete WishartSNP MP Pete Wishart

John Nicolson, SNP MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, also urged Johnson to remain in London.

He wrote on social media: “I thought only essential travel is allowed under the current lockdown.

“How does this visit – welcome as his vastly unpopular trips always are – meet the current Covid 19 criteria?

“Or don’t the rules apply to him?”

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The Prime Minister, who is yet to confirm his travel plans, last visited the area in July 2019 for the Tory leadership hustings.

Hundreds of protesters gathered to welcome Johnson, who ducked the crowds by entering the hustings via the backdoor.

The criticism from the SNP MPs follows a warning from Scotland’s Minister for Older People and Equalities.

Responding to reports of the mid-pandemic trip, Christina McKelvie questioned whether it was justifiable. 

She tweeted: "Eh? Is he campaigning during the pandemic? Should he be travelling? Is this essential work?"

The SNP MP Neil Gray accused Johnson of "total disrespect and disregard for 'do not travel unless absolutely necessary'”.