THE Scottish Government is to end overseas business support for fossil fuel companies before the COP26 summit in Glasgow this year, a minister has said.

Trade Minister Ivan McKee said promotional activities solely focused on fossil fuel goods and services would cease in order to meet climate change commitments.

McKee presented the Scottish Government’s “Vision for Trade” document to the Scottish Parliament today, setting out its strategy for international trade.

He said: “We will use trade as a lever to drive progress to our climate change targets and improve our international environmental impact.

“An example of this is our commitment to ending all overseas trade support and promotion activities solely focused on fossil fuel goods and services by the time of the COP26.”

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The major summit in November will bring together heads of state from around the world to discuss climate change.

Scottish Conservative MSP Maurice Golden said his party supported the trading strategy’s commitments to inclusive growth, wellbeing and a net-zero economy.

However, responding to the minister’s statement, Golden said the end of overseas business support would create uncertainty for the oil and gas sector.

He added: “The SNP will be delivering a hammer blow to the north east and wider Scotland with this approach.”

McKee answered, saying: “If he’s serious about net-zero then he needs to be serious about the transition.

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“And it’s quite clear that the Conservatives, based on that statement, clearly aren’t.”

He said the Government was working with the industries to clarify the details.

Plans are being put in place to scale back the conference due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Changes could include limiting the numbers of those attending and some sessions being held virtually.

There are fears that a large number of international visitors, including politicians, diplomats, officials, activists and journalists, crowding into the city could cause a new Covid-19 outbreak during the winter.