ROSALEEN Traynor, 59, is a financial regulator from Stirling. She was a firm Unionist in 2014 but has since become a fully-fledged member of the Yes movement. This is her story of going from No to Yes.

I WAS a fervent “Naw” thinker in the long run up to the 2014 referendum. I firmly believed that as a nation, we truly were better together. I had been working between Edinburgh and London for a number of years and loved the diversity and inclusivity of our London office.

My friends and colleagues south of the Border were educated, broad-minded and firmly believed the four nations working together delivered a better future for us all. I agreed.

I didn’t think the policies being promoted by the SNP stood up to scrutiny. I also let a disliking for leading personalities within the party blinker my views. I felt quite smug in the knowledge that I was thinking with my head and, whilst I admired the passion of family and friends who were independence supporters, I knew better. I was also working in a London-based job that would disappear should Scotland achieve independence. Turkey’s voting for Christmas, not me!

The week before the referendum I decided to go through to Glasgow for the day. I ended up wandering around amongst many pro-independence supporters. At the top of Buchanan street, gathered on the steps of the Concert Hall, were many supporters and speakers. I stood and listened, and watched the passion, and there was a dawning realisation.

The National: Yes backers on Buchanan Street in 2014Yes backers on Buchanan Street in 2014

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The big question I asked myself was why I did not believe in the ability and talent of my ain folk. There were extremely knowledgeable scholars and academics talking about the policies. Did I not believe we had the people that could make this work? Of course we could. We’re renowned the world over, both historically and now, for our exceptionally talented people.

Of course I believed in their ability to deliver a brighter future and to find workable solutions to the big questions.

I returned home to Stirling having had a complete change of heart.

I feel I’ve been on a journey from believing that I was using my head in thinking the Union was for the best, to thinking with my heart in believing in my people being able to deliver a successful independent Scotland, to where I now am which is knowing with head and heart that we would be so much better as an independent country.

Being dragged out of Europe against our will, watching disrespectful Westminster rulers discount us as a nation every day and being so proud of how we have been led in Scotland over the past year has confirmed for me that I eventually got it right!

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