GORDON Brown is under fire for comparing independence supporters to Donald Trump.

The former Labour prime minister made the comparison with the 45th president of the United States, who was replaced by Joe Biden on Wednesday, after he was asked if thought that Boris Johnson is Britain’s Trump on Radio 4’s PM programme.

He drew comparisons between "elements" of the Yes movement - as well as supporters of an United Ireland and an independent Wales and Brexit - with Trump's outlook.

The former PM did not point out that unlike the parties which campaigned for Brexit the political parties leading the independence campaigns across Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales were strongly opposed to the ex US President as well as backing remaining in the EU.

Brown said: “I think there are elements of populist nationalism in Brexit, in Scottish nationalism, Welsh nationalism, in Irish nationalism as there are elements of populist nationalism which are probably overemphasised by President Trump.

“You might call it defensive nationalism after 2010. People retreated into their silos on international cooperation and everything else.”

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He added: “Then I think two or three years ago we had a far more aggressive nationalism, blaming someone else, blaming other people for what went wrong, blaming immigrants, blaming people who are minorities for what’s happening and that is a very aggressive form of nationalism.

"But I think until we realise you’ve got to fight nationalism and you’ve got to particularly fight this brand of populist nationalism which distorts the truth and you don’t even have a basis of fact and science and reason on which to work from.

“Until we fight that we cannot have a united society and we cannot build inclusive and settled communities around the world.”

Toni Giugliano, the SNP's candidate for Dumbarton, said: “If the American experience taught us anything in recent weeks it is precisely that hyperbole of this nature only fuels resentment and division. 

“Labour seem utterly incapable of offering any solutions or vision for Scotland. Resorting to insulting the electorate is as low as it gets.”

Chris McEleny, the SNP Inverclyde councillor and campaigner for a Plan B to independence added: “ Gordon Brown has zero credibility. The independence movement is made up of ordinary people from all over Scotland that simply want the right to determine our own future for Scotland, not have Westminster decisions imposed upon us such as being dragged to Gordon Brown’s illegal war in Iraq. His interventions are long past irrelevant. “ 

Grassroots pro-independence group YesCymru has described the remarks as “disingenuous”, said he has “a moral, ethical duty to the truth” and that he should “act accordingly”.

YesCymru said: “Gordon Brown couldn’t have been any more disingenuous about Welsh and Scottish independence than he was on ‪@BBCRadio4’s PM this evening.
“He has a moral, ethical duty to the truth. He should act accordingly.”

Ruth Davidson yesterday compared a planned protest by the pro-independence All Under One Banner (AUOB) group to Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC earlier this month.

The leader of the Scottish Tory MSPs in Holyrood came under fire on social media since making the “disgusting comments” in a tweet on Thursday afternoon.

Her comments came after AUOB announced their plans to call a protest outside the UK Government’s new office building in Edinburgh.

Called Queen Elizabeth House, the building was branded “colonial” by AUOB, who said they would demonstrate against “this massive 'overlordship' initiative”.

AUOB added: “This is one of several targeted protests that are coming.”
The Scotland editor of right-wing magazine The Spectator, Alex Massie, commented on the announcement: “All very normal.”

It was in reply to Massie’s tweet that Davidson wrote: “Yes, if only there were any recent international examples of flag waving nationalists marching on government buildings....”

The reference to the attempted coup of January 6 in the US was condemned by AUOB’s national organiser, Neil Mackay.

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Mackay said: “It is a UK Government building not a Scottish Government building, and comparing peaceful Scottish protestors to the atrocities seen in America is a disgusting comment for Ruth Davidson to make.

“No one has ever been killed on an AUOB demonstration.”

Five people, including police officer Brian Sicknick, died in the Capitol riots incited by Trump.

Some 19 successive polls have recorded a majority in favour of Scottish independence, with support up to 58% in some of the surveys.