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WHICH leader of a political party has the highest approval ratings in the UK?

We'll give you a clue — if you need one.

The party she leads doesn't even cover areas outwith Scotland.

Yes, Nicola Sturgeon is the UK's best respected party leader, according to the latest polling.

Work by Opinium for the Observer shows 40% of people in Scotland "strongly approve" of the way she's doing her job.

That compares with a rating of 11% for Tory PM Boris Johnson, 4% for Labour head Keir Starmer and 3% for Ed Davey of the LibDems.

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The lower scores for the latter two leaders aren't because people disapprove of their work, it's because they don't have an opinion. Which might be worse than disapproval for men trying to build their parties back up from election routs here.

As many as 39% of Scots don't know about Starmer, while a massive 60% say the same about Davey.

Sturgeon also leads the pack for voters in the UK as a whole — with 42% approval to Johnson's 34%.

Even in England, 41% of people approve of the way she's doing her job, compared with 38% for Starmer, 34% for Johnson and 14% for Davey.

And when the disapproval ratings are brought in, that leaves Sturgeon as the only one of the four in positive numbers in Scotland, with Johnson plummeting to -25% while the SNP head is at +28%.

In fact, Johnson is on negative numbers everywhere, while Sturgeon is on +13% for the UK as a whole and +12% for England.

SNP MSP George Adam commented: "This confirms what Scotland already knows to our benefit — Nicola Sturgeon is far and away the most capable and trusted political leader in the UK.

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"Now it appears the people of England agree, too. The decisive and reassuring leadership of Scotland’s First Minister during this crisis, coupled with her calm and clear communication, puts her in a different class from the bumbling incoherence of Boris Johnson.

"Many people in England must wish they could swap the liability that is Johnson with a leader of Nicola Sturgeon’s stature and ability and who has the confidence and authority to treat people like grown ups.

“On a daily basis the First Minister has demonstrated to everyone in Britain that Scotland has an exemplary politician ready to lead us into an independent future.”