IT is shocking that even as the country is in lockdown, we are seeing convoys transporting nuclear materials across Scotland. There is nothing essential about this travel. What this shows is the totally inappropriate priorities of the UK Government and the failed militaristic mindset at the heart of its policies.

Covid has shown how interconnected our lives are. It should lead to a rethink about what we mean by foreign policy and security. These weapons of mass destruction are a moral abomination and are completely useless against the biggest threats we face, such as global pandemics and the climate emergency. You cannot use a nuclear weapon on a virus.

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The public money being wasted on Trident would be far better spent supporting the public services we all rely on and with the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons entering into force this week, the UK Government may soon be forced to rethink its priorities.

Emma Cockburn
Campaign Against Arms Trade

IN November 2019 I wrote to query why the Scottish north-east fishermen voted for Brexit when it was obvious that although EU fishing vessels could be banned from UK waters, they would be hit with tariffs by their largest customers. At the same time they condemned the Scottish west coast shellfish fishermen to the same fate.

They made the mistake of listening to promises from the Tory government and local Tory MPs that their interests would be in safe hands. If they had looked back to previous broken vows they might not have been so naïve.

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It is now clear that fishing was used as a bargaining tool by Boris and his lackeys to secure the “next to no deal” that they argue will be so good for Scotland. I listened in amazement last Wednesday to Jimmy Buchan of the Scottish Seafood Association asking for help from the Scottish Government.

When asked if he had voted for Brexit he said yes, but insisted that this had no relevance to the current problems the Scottish fishing industry was experiencing.

I am sure that the Scottish Government will use all of their very limited powers to help. This is an opportunity for the SNP to make it clear to all of the affected parties that as an independent nation inside Europe we would have a voice in all of the policies of the EU, including fishing. Farmers and all other exporters to the EU would be supported by the Scottish Government instead of Westminster, which has demonstrated disdain for all things Scottish again and again.

As an independent Scotland, let us improve the ferry ports on the west and east coast of Scotland and offer Scottish exporters direct access to our friends in Europe and thus bypass England and the congestion at their south coast ferry ports.

R Pitcairn
Bridge of Ericht

YES indeed, wake up Scotland (Hubs are clearly part of the plan to neuter Holyrood, Letters, January 15) – and fast! It was a sad day for politics when it became legal to tell a “political” lie. Now one of the most immoral pieces of legislation in recent times is about to be enacted: the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill.

It seems this bill may threaten each and every one of us who is thought to speak or act against the Union, depending of course on the definition and interpretation of “in the interests of national security”, “preventing disorder” and “in the interest of the economic well-being of the UK”.

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The bill will give power to a whole range of organisations to take undercover action against any of us – and with the Westminster government washing its hands of what is perpetrated.

The third reading of the bill is to take place in the House of Lords on Thursday, followed by Consideration of Amendments and Royal Assent. Look it up! Talk about it! Write about it! Fill The National with letters and articles about it! For, once in force, surely we will have to say goodbye not only to a thriving Holyrood Parliament but, even to a chance of a fair May election? Will we be forced to kiss goodbye to our dream of Scotland as a independent nation?

Mark Waters
East Lothian

CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew Learmonth for his excellent article, MP bids to stop Scots vaccine ‘disinformation’ (January 19), as it exposes the Conservative party’s complete disregard for public health in Scotland.

I would suggest those responsible for producing and funding such dangerous fake news should be charged with endangering public health. Sadly it would appear that Ruth “put the boot into Scotland” Davidson has not commented on the tactics.

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I appreciate that the of the people in Scotland, together with NHS Scotland and led by the Scottish Government, have made herculean efforts to control the spread of the virus and have been much more successful than those responsible south of the Border.

I appreciate this is an embarrassment to PM Boris Johnson and his Health Secretary Matt Hancock. This also has a knock-on effect on the Scottish Conservatives’ popularity, but this is no reason to put people’s lives and ways of life in jeopardy.

Thomas L Inglis