IT transpires that the new chairman of the BBC, Richard Sharp, has donated almost £420,000 to the Conservative Party. Mr Sharp has also been a director of the Centre for Policy Studies, a right-wing think tank created by Margaret Thatcher, that has accused the BBC of having a left-wing bias.

His appointment follows that of Tim Davie, a former Tory councillor, who was appointed the BBC’s new director general last September.

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Now that the BBC is to be governed by two individuals with such close historical links to the Conservative party, how can we possibly believe that it can achieve impartiality?

And how, in a so-called liberal democracy, can such appointments be considered acceptable? Imagine the outrage that would erupt if the new chair of the BBC had donated more than £400,000 to, for example, the SNP? It’s not until you look at this scenario from a different perspective that you see how everything this Tory government does is normalised.

William Wilson