THE Prime Minister has not read the full text of the Brexit agreement, a Downing Street spokesperson has signalled.

Boris Johnson’s spokesperson was asked if the Tory leader had read the full 1246-page document in the wake of his Fisheries Minister admitting that she had not.

Victoria Prentis told the House of Lords that she was too busy preparing her village’s Nativity walk to read the agreement.

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The SNP called for Prentis to resign in the wake of her admission.

Dr Philippa Whitford MP said the fact that the Tory minister “did not even bother to read the details of the damaging deal because she was too busy is unbelievable and makes her position untenable”.

Today, a Downing Street spokesperson was asked if Johnson had read the full deal, which was neither confirmed nor denied.

Instead, the press were reportedly told: “The Prime Minister is fully aware of the deal that we agreed.”

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Pushed further to explain whether Johnson expected members of the Cabinet to read the full Trade and Co-operation Agreement, the spokesperson again declined to answer in the affirmative.

They said: “The Prime Minister and the Cabinet and other ministerial colleagues are fully aware of the deal we agreed with the EU.”

The spokesperson also said that Johnson had confidence in the Fisheries Minister.