BORIS Johnson been scolded in Parliament for deliberately using the wrong name for the SNP for the second time a fortnight. 

The Prime Minister again referred to the UK’s third-largest group as the “Scottish nationalist Party” rather than the Scottish National Party.

The remark came during questioning by Ian Blackford, who was forced to correct the Tory chief.

The SNP Westminster leader had raised the grave concerns of fishermen in his constituency, who warned their businesses were being wrecked by Brexit red tape.

The Prime Minister responded by claiming the UK Government was providing £100 million of support to the UK fishing industry.

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He added: “It is the policy of the Scottish nationalist party, not just to break up the United Kingdom under their harebrained scheme, but also to take Scotland back into the EU and hand back control of Scottish fisheries to Brussels.”

An exasperated Blackford urged the Tory leader to get his facts straight.

He said: “I’m amazed that the Prime Minister continues to traduce the name of the Scottish National Party.

“He’s been told before and he really should get it right.

“And frankly that answer was an insult to all fishermen that are facing loss today.”

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Johnson has been chastised on several occasions for referring to the SNP by the wrong name.

As recently as December 30, Speaker Lindsay Hoyle was forced to caution the Prime Minister.

"In fairness I have pointed it out in the past,” he said. “It is the Scottish National Party, Prime Minister."

Johnson replied: "I wish the right honourable gentleman to know that I am using the word nationalist with a small N and I don't think that he would disagree with that which is semantically justifiable under the circumstances."