Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild (C5, 9pm)

FOGLE is in the stunning highlands of eastern Iceland, where he goes to stay with 50-year-old Denni Karlsson, a former filmmaker who swapped the bright lights of Hollywood for the Northern Lights of his homeland. Karlsson fuses his lifelong passions into one distinctive lifestyle and transports Fogle back 200 years via his wilderness centre and museum. Fogle smokes trout with dung, bathes in hot waterfalls, rides horses high on the plateau and takes part in Iceland’s famous sheep-sorting tradition Rettir.

The Pembrokeshire Murders (STV, 9pm)

THE second instalment of the three-part mini-series depicting the pursuit of a serial killer. With their forensics budget running out, Detective Steve Wilkins and his team spend three days interviewing their prime suspect, John Cooper. With fresh leads to follow, Wilkins is re-energised, but being so absorbed with work comes at a price at home. When Cooper’s second parole hearing is successful, it’s a blow to both Steve’s team and Cooper’s estranged son Andrew. What fresh horrors might Cooper commit?

Are Women the Fitter Sex? (C4, 10pm)

EMERGENCY doctor Dr Ronx Ikharia, who appeared on the documentary Is Covid Racist? is investigating why more male patients die from the coronavirus than female. Meeting experts, he discovers this medical gender bias is not restricted to today’s pandemic, but is true across many viruses and diseases, including SARS, cancer and HIV. Women, it appears, are the stronger sex. But, alongside this natural advantage, a dangerous gender data gap also exists, undermining how women are treated within the healthcare system, leading to misdiagnoses and deaths.

Funny Nation with Elis James (BBC2, 10pm)

JAMES explores the history of Welsh comedy, meeting some of the nation’s biggest stand-up comedians, writers and performers. In this first episode, Rob Brydon, Ruth Jones and Rhod Gilbert discuss the role of stereotypes in comic portrayals of the Welsh. Elis also meets some of the new generation of performers breaking through and hears about their attitudes towards Welsh cliches in comedy.