FEARS that independence supporters could lose their chance to vote in May has sparked a new campaign.

It has been launched by Aberdeen Independence Movement over worries that myths about the safety of postal votes could torpedo the prospects of another referendum.

Independence supporters are being urged to sign up for a postal vote by the campaign which aims to tackle misunderstandings and conspiracy theories surrounding the system.

“With the Scottish Parliament elections in May being an election like no other, with every one of us at risk of being told to self-isolate at any time, a postal vote has never been more critical,” said co-organiser Alan Petrie.

“Mistrust in the system is understandable with the amount of misinformation online and a lack of understanding of the system but it’s time to put that misinformation to bed.

“This fear of postal voting could cost us our independence referendum so we must tackle this subject head-on. The question we must ask everyone is what happens to your vote if you are told to self-isolate? The simple answer is if you don’t have a postal vote organised, you lose your vote.”

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Anyone with reservations about postal voting can watch the event on January 19.

“Let’s not let the chance to secure our independence slip through our fingers due to unfounded fears and conspiracy theories,” said Petrie. 

“Mistrust in the system only helps one side and it isn’t the independence side.”
He added: “Postal voting wins elections and referendums as we have seen recently in America.”

The campaign has already put out visuals and a short animated film but will gear up a level on January 19 with a Zoom and Facebook live event which will examine the myths and why people should sign up for a postal vote.

The event will feature SNP NEC members Stacy Bradley and Doug Daniel, both leading organisers in the movement, who have election and referendum experience. Viewers will have the chance to ask questions.

The Zoom and Facebook Live event will go out at 7pm, and can be watched on Aberdeen Independence Movement’s Facebook page or you can find the Zoom link there.