The National:

SOMETIMES it’s best just to leave things off your CV. The Jouker, for example, once had a disastrous two years working in a garden centre in Nairn.

A hefty non-disclosure agreement means we can’t say exactly why your faithful correspondent no longer works there, but let’s just say there are some very unhappy rose bushes just outside Dornoch.

So when we applied to the be The National’s anonymous gossip columnist, we of course left that off the application form.

That’s presumably why Labour hopeful Katy Clark has kept quiet about some of past working experiences. The former MP is standing in next year’s Holyrood election in Cunninghame North.

According to her website, she is an “experienced Parliamentarian” and has worked “at the highest levels of the Labour Party, for the Labour Leader and with all parts of the Party.”

What she doesn’t mention – anywhere at all on the website – is that some of her most recent parliamentary experience is in the House of Lords.

Katy Clark isn’t just Katy Clark, no. She’s Baroness Clark of Kilwinning.

And the Labour leader she worked for? It’s not the current Labour leader, no. It’s the last one Jeremy Corbyn.

Does he get a mention on the website? He does not. That’s some omission.

It stunned Kenneth Gibson, the SNP incumbent in Cunninghame North.

He told The Jouker: “I am surprised that Baroness Clark of Kilwinning does not use her title, which she obviously chose when offered her seat in the Lords, an institution the existence of which she condemned for decades.

“I see no pictures of her in ermine following her ennoblement either.

“If Baroness Clark is so uncomfortable and embarrassed at becoming a peer with all the privileges it conveys, including the acceptance of a £323 tax-free daily attendance allowance, then she should renounce the title and the peerage she was happy to accept all too recently.”

In fairness, Clark has said she’ll quit the Lords if she wins a seat in Holyrood.

Anyone reading her website might think she’s already left.