THE latest in the Talks for a Better Nation series organised by Yes Inverclyde and Greenock and Inverclyde SNP will take place online on Wednesday, January 13, from 7pm and is entitled Time for a Land Tax?

Open to anyone who supports, is curious or concerned about Scottish independence the event features Graeme McCormick presenting his vision for a radical land tax. You can register to attend virtually on Eventbrite.

McCormick, a Director of Business for Scotland and a founding member of the Scottish Independence Foundation, is the pioneer behind a model of gaining public funding through an Annual Ground Rent called AGFRR (Annual Ground, Floor, Roof Rent).

The organisers state: “It’s simple and has the potential to replace all existing UK, Scottish and local taxation, provide a Universal Citizens’ Income of around £200 per week and give all of the people of Scotland a financial stake in our nation.

“It would substantially increase public expenditure for reconstruction and reduce the burden of taxation on almost all personal and business taxpayers.

“In a historic step forward for the land reform movement in Scotland, the Scottish National Party’s 2017 spring conference unanimously backed calls for a land tax to end the feudal ownership system that has endured in the country for centuries.

“Graeme brought the conference to its feet backing an amendment which made support for land taxation the policy of the SNP.”