SO it’s critical to attribute the vaccine to its origin – we must call it the “Oxford” AstraZeneca vaccine. Do the Tories call the other vaccine the “Mainz” Pfizer BioNTech vaccine?

What about new strains of Covid? There’s already the “South African” strain?

Considering the size of the outbreak and the virulence of the mutation that originated in the south east of England which is spreading throughout the UK, are the Tories are fully entitled to call that the “London” strain of Covid?

John Jamieson

South Queensferry

CONGRATULATIONS to Kathleen Nutt for spelling out so clearly and succinctly, “Reasons for leaving your home” (The National, January 5) which I found to be most helpful and reassuring.

It recognises what is important to many people and also that not everyone, particularly senior citizens do not have a computer and often have rely on the press for information.

Thank you.

Thomas L Inglis