THE mob that stormed the US Congress building was an attempted fascist coup. It was organised, instigated and encouraged by Donald Trump.

It debunks the myth that fascism cannot occur in the US. This attempt may have have failed but Trump and the forces he has unleashed have not gone away. His is a sordid presidency. Trump is a malignant narcissist incapable of telling the truth or empathy. It was easily foreseeable that his goons would use violence to hold on to office.

The police who were tasked with protecting the Congressional building melted away and let the Trump supporters in. Contrast this with how Black Lives Matter protesters were gassed, beaten and kettled by those same forces. All so Trump could have his picture taken with a Bible.

He refused to deploy the National Guard to regain control of the Capital building. Trump had been preparing for this violence for two months. All with his constant attacks on the integrity of the electoral process, threats of violence and unhinged conspiracy theories.

The silence from the Democrats has been pathetic and spineless. Rather than calling for Trump to be removed from office immediately and jailed, instead Biden said he should go on TV and tell his supporters to go home. Asking this would-be Hitler to “do the right thing” shows the incompetence and cowardice of Biden.

Biden has not been clear that Trump should be investigated and jailed. Instead he talks of “bipartisan unity” with Trump’s allies and enablers. The 25th Amendment needs to be invoked. Trump and his allies should be jailed.

Alan Hinnrichs

via email

THE scenes of armed protestors invading the legislature in Washington DC and members of the US legislature fleeing from the scene must surely rank as a turning point in the hitherto self-assured security and peace of mind in the US. Invaded by its own people!

It is reminiscent of CIA-backed armed coup d’etats in countries in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Now it is in the US’s front yard.

One must also question how US security can let this happen at home. They manage to assassinate people worldwide by drone and yet cannot even protect their highest legislature. Did their CIA and FBI fall down on the job? Or were they complicit and downplayed their intelligence gathering? Did the local law enforcement and security give way too easily, even let them in? It must bring the country to go through a form of Vergangenheitsbewaltigung and ask deep questions about its past and present.

There are serious consequences for the US and its citizens after this debacle. The whole world has watched aghast at the implosion of the standing of the US since Trump was elected. The gun laws must now be seriously reviewed as it is now apparent that the gun has been drawn and used against the highest constitutional chamber in the land. To read of shots being fired by Americans inside the chamber, where once one heard dignity and historic speeches, must be seen as a disaster for the US standing worldwide.

Farage, Gove and others in the Brexiteer camp once paid homage to Trump, who is the progenitor and instigator of this catastrophe. Theresa May invited him to a star visit after she rushed over to meet him. They sneered at others crowing that Trump’s election heralded with Brexit a new world order. Photo ops were made. What image and presence does the US present now?

Its legislature was “invaded” by its own armed citizens.

Perhaps this event will make the US and its allies think again.

John Edgar


MOST reasonably objective people in the UK would view Donald Trump’s efforts to deny the outcome of the recent presidential election as anti-democratic. Yet, many would support Boris Johnson in denying the people of Scotland an independence referendum, even if it was clearly mandated through the forthcoming Scottish Parliamentary election. Neither denials would be democratic outcomes, no matter the misguided justifications of some seeking to procrastinate, to distract, or to denigrate others.

The facts are that the current leaders of both the USA and the UK have surrounded themselves with sycophants who do not seriously question the decisions of their bosses, and worse still, aid attempts of those leaders to blatantly undermine democracy. An illegal move to prorogue parliament is no less an undemocratic act than using high office to encourage officials to change the voting result of an electorally pivotal state.

Both the UK and the USA used to boast of being pillars of democracy but no amount of propaganda or fake news can hide the fundamental cracks revealed by two arrogantly self-serving individuals who have used “great slogans” to take the people they are supposed to represent down the bleak path of authoritarianism. The time for constitutional change is long overdue!

Stan Grodynski


WATCHING the shameful scenes coming out of the USA was the culmination of four years of corrupt and treasonous administration by Donald Trump and his henchmen.

Too often Trump has been described as a showman and an unconventional politician.

The reality is that he and his cult have become a genuine fascist movement. The USA must make Trump and his henchmen face the consequences of their illegal and unconstitutional actions using the power of the law. If not, the fascists will become more dangerous.

It astonishes me that Brexiteers have turned their backs on the EU and would rather hitch our wagon to the USA. Here in Scotland we must ensure that Trump cannot prosper in any way from his connections here. He should never be allowed to visit and his assets must be closed down.

Harry Key