PRO-INDEPENDENCE leaders have condemned commentary from staunch Unionists comparing Yes marches to the pro-Trump extremist chaos in Washington last night.

The right-wing mob stormed the Capitol as lawmakers held a session to certify Joe Biden’s election win, which will allow him to be inaugurated in less than two weeks.

The president had just given a speech encouraging his supporters to “walk down” to the building. In the same speech he said he would never concede and repeated false claims about the election being rigged.

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The mob, in which many people were armed, broke windows and doors to enter the building, shouting “stop the steal”. They overpowered police surrounding the Capitol.

A pipe bomb was reported on the grounds, while an armed stand-off took place at the door of the House.

It took hours for the president to call on the mob to go home as chaos unfolded. In his video message he told them “we love you” and repeated his false claims about the election having been stolen.

Four people have died in the chaos, while 52 people were arrested – most of them for breaking the 6pm curfew set as events grew increasingly intense.

This morning Trump was locked out of his social media accounts but advisers tweeted to say he has now committed to a smooth transfer of power.

Scotland’s First Minister condemned last night’s “shocking” violence and accused Trump of “inciting insurrection” in his own country.

As events unfolded staunch Unionists took the time to criticise Nicola Sturgeon and compare the extremists to Scottish independence supporters.

At 8.13pm UK time – after the protesters had broken their way inside the Capitol – Scottish Labour’s Ian Smart wrote: “A facist [sic] rabble is a facist rabble. Unless it is a Scottish facist  rabble. Whereupon it becomes ‘civic and joyous’.”

At 8.34pm, amid the violence, anti-independence campaigners The Majority wrote on Twitter: “You can just tell that any time soon, Sturgeon's going to give us a lecture on democracy.”

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Paul Sinclair, former chief adviser to Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, commented: "Curiously dressed men ... waving flags ... claiming to be patriots ... demanding a recount ... saying the mainstream media is biased ... Only in America? I think it happens closer to home than that."

All Under One Banner, the pro-independence campaign group which organises Scotland’s largest marches, rejected the comparisons.

A spokesperson told The National they “look like more Unionist psychological projection” than reality.

“They attribute to others their own undesirable influences. The positive and inclusive reality of AUOB events is plain for all to see,” they said.

The group wanted to highlight scenes from their Glasgow march held in January 2020. As thousands of pro-independence marchers headed through the city they were hit by heavy rain.

A large number of marchers stopped under a bridge to have an impromptu ceilidh while sheltering from the elements.

Footage of the heart-warming scene shows people of all ages dancing and cheering to the drumming group’s rhythms.

The National:

Meanwhile the SNP, Scotland’s largest pro-independence party, told The National: “These ludicrous and illiterate comments are beneath contempt.

“It is Scotland’s unionist parties – not those who back independence – who are copying Donald Trump by saying they will refuse to accept the results of free and fair democratic elections.

“But, just like Trump, those who try to stand in the way of democracy will be swept away by the verdict of the people.” 

The National:

The spokesperson was referring to Boris Johnson’s insistence that he will reject a request for a Section 30 order and not allow a new referendum to be held on Scotland’s place in the Union.

Support for Scottish independence has reached highs of 58% in the polls in recent months, while the SNP are on track to gain a majority at the 2021 Holyrood election.