AT the start of 2021 it is time for both reflection and time for examining the political landscape of this now, it would seem, brand “new” sovereign UK.

As the battle of Brexit passes and Scotland and the rest of the UK begin to experience falling living standards and levels of impoverishment never experienced before, then the battle for the sovereignty of Scotland begins.

Reflecting on the battleground as it presently stands, an analysis is not particularly difficult. Scotland as a nation has been ignored at every level, both as one of the four nations of the UK and as a devolved nation.

Ten years of indifference to Scotland’s needs and problems, all Tory PMs (Cameron, May and Johnson), hostile Tory Scottish secretaries of state, MPs and MSPs have not recognised the year on year increasing support through the ballot box for the SNP and its elected governments.

It seems to Westminster the nationalists are merely an irritation to be ignored, derided and its politicians belittled at every turn. Scottish support for remaining in the EU was totally disregarded. The Joint Ministerial Group forum headed by Gove for devolved discussions a mere white elephant.

We have seen direct assaults on Devolution with the Internal Market Bill and the creation of the UK in Scotland hubs in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We are going to experience British nationalism at its worst, attempting to crush Scottish aspirations at every level with their Westminster 80-seat majority.

The Tories will be supported by a Labour Party, too, intent in saving itself as a Union party with the LibDems and DUP bleating Unionism from the sidelines. The slogans of “better together” and “ too wee, too poor, too stupid” will fill the Unionist media. Their so-called big beasts will be resurrected for the Union cause.

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The year 2014 feels like another world which simply does not exist. England/Wales basking in their Brexit utopia and a Scotland with its EU majority, now completely isolated. Scotland is handcuffed to a Westminster Tory autonomy it can never overturn yet the Unionist Westminster representation in Scotland is 11 out of 59 seats! This state of affairs just cannot be tolerated. With the Covid crisis being the only issue and rightly so, politics remains a secondary issue in the minds of Scottish voters. However, support for independence has never been higher.

Never before is so much at stake for our nation but never before has electioneering taken place in such trying circumstances. The nationalist message needs to be clear, must achieve a majority vote and majority of seats in Holyrood, out the Tories at every level and put forward clear policies for the future. All this to be done in a Covid-restricted environment. The party must rise to the challenge, independence has never been closer.

Dan Wood


AS usual Boris Johnson was talking nonsense, the referendum in 1975 was not on joining the EEC (‘Obscene’ veto on Scottish independence vote will see Tories ‘swept away’, The National, January 4).

The Tory Government took the UK into the EEC in 1973 without consulting the voters. Two-and-a-half years later in 1975 the Labour government held a referendum on remaining in the EEC. Why not do the same thing again now?

Scotland should leave the UK if there is a majority in favour in Holyrood after the election in May – after a generation has passed, should a future independent Scottish Government feel that there is a demand for rejoining the UK then it could hold an advisory referendum.

How can the unionists not agree with following historical precedent?

John Jamieson

South Queensferry

WHAT an inspiring article by Dr Ann McClintock in Monday’s National (How we can ensure Scotland might really have a chance of being ‘free by ‘23’, January 4).

It is so true that the sovereign peoples of Scotland can “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”

with infighting and factions. If –

and it must not be if but when – the Yes vote is channelled away from

in- fighting and towards the common goal of attaining our freedom

from Westminster rule there

will be real hope. The eight points that Dr McClintock makes in her article are a blueprint for what all

pro-independence groups should be aiming for and the sooner an umbrella organisation pulls together groups the better.

Are we to be a “nest of fearties” and lose the golden opportunity that 2021 should offer us? We are a sovereign people with resources which could make us rich – Scotland rich, that is, and not line the pockets of the bumblers in Westminster.

We are not “too wee” – the small, independent Montenegro has shown the world how a very small country with limited resources can be successfully independent. A country which in 2006 voted for independence with 55% of the population. A small country that is now on its way to entry into the EU

When Scotland has voted and won the independence it so badly needs then is the time to start the rebirth of a nation and by further use of vote ensure the sovereignty of the people is upheld.

The voice of the people is powerful and if elected politicians do not listen to how people have voted then there will be an opportunity to replace those felt not serving voters’ interests. Until that time comes the energies must be on the common vision of an independent Scotland and let us put aside our petty in-fighting and factionist groups.

Time is now short. Let us hope the May elections do in fact go ahead. Expend energy on persuasion and not infighting – miss the bus this time there may not be another along any time soon.

Frieda Burns