A LABOUR MSP has branded his party colleagues "spoiled brats" who have harmed the party.

In an outburst against his colleagues, Neil Findlay, who is Jeremy Corbyn’s former campaign manager in Scotland, accused them of "internal sabotage".

Findlay, who is quitting Holyrood at the election in May, urged party members to banish a “self-entitled destructive group” from its ranks. It has been speculated that this is aimed at Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour’s deputy leader; Anas Sarwar, the party’s constitution spokesman; and James Kelly, the former justice spokesman. They are all viewed as critics of Corbyn and Scottish leader Richard Leonard.

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Findlay told the Sunday Mail: “The people doing this are not inexperienced politicians, they’re some of the longest-serving members of the parliamentary group.

“They have never accepted responsibility for failed political and strategic direction ... Like the spoiled brat who thinks he or she has the divine right to all the spoils, their destructive tantrums have caused repeated and lasting reputational damage.”

Findlay ran for party leader in 2014 against Jim Murphy, who quit after six months following the disastrous 2015 General Election when 40 Scottish Labour MPs lost their seats.

A Scottish Labour source told The Times: “Neil was in charge of our European election campaign when we came fifth on 9% so a period of reflective silence from him would be welcome.”

The spat comes as Labour politicians again argue among themselves over the party's Brexit policy.

Scottish Labour vowed to reject Johnson's deal in a Holyrood vote, while Keir Starmer has publicly backed the deal.

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Scottish Labour's sole MP, Ian Murray, has sided with Starmer over Leonard on the issue. 

Leonard’s frontbenchers were reportedly furious that Leonard's initial release had not set out his support for Starmer’s decision to back the deal.