YES-SUPPORTING Scottish football fans have hit out at George Galloway’s “arrogance” and “total contempt” for ordinary supporters after he attended a Queen of the South (QoS) match in Dumfries.

The comments from Scottish Football Fans for Independence – which is also calling for league reconstruction – came after confirmation that neither the former MP nor the club would face further action from authorities for breaching coronavirus restrictions over his attendance at the Palmerston Park game against his home club Dundee.

QoS, who lost the match 3-1, have twice apologised to their angry fans after Galloway tweeted a picture of the view from inside the hospitality box during the game, which he attended with his three sons.

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However, after admitting to an “error of judgement”, the club could still find themselves in trouble with the Scottish FA for potential breaches of level 4 coronavirus restrictions, which were put in place across mainland Scotland on Boxing Day.

Chick Hosie, from Scottish Football Fans for Independence, told The National: “The anger at Galloway and his presence at the football in Dumfries is understandable and entirely right.

“This display of arrogance and total contempt for ordinary football supporters was unacceptable. Similarly despicable is his total disregard for the wellbeing of the wider community during this second phase of Covid.

“The police have opted to take no action ... however, Queen of the South are clearly culpable of breaching SFA protocols and rules and should now be punished by the football authorities. No other club in Scotland, to the best of my knowledge, has breached these spectator agreements, so why should this club be immune to sanctions, or indeed legal action?

“Would a premises in the hospitality sector have gotten away scot-free for having patrons attend their establishment at the weekend?”

Galloway’s tweet from the game triggered a Twitter storm. During one angry exchange the RT broadcaster said: “I live in D&G. My family has five season tickets. I’m about to be a sponsor. I’m spreading the word about the club to millions of people. Are you sure you want to speak in this way?”

Brian Patterson, who runs BP Taxis in Kirkcudbright, replied: “Hi George. I’m the Queens shirt sponsor and I can’t get into Palmerston. Can you please tell me how you managed it?”

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QoS’s first statement failed to mollify fans. This led to the club releasing another statement, which they described as a “fuller apology”. They said Galloway was granted permission to attend the game against Dundee when Dumfries and Galloway was under level 1 restrictions and fans were being allowed back into matches. The club said they should have told Galloway he could no longer attend after the restrictions changed.

They added: “We realise it was a total error of judgement and we should have been more considerate of our loyal supporters. We would again like to issue an unreserved apology.”

However, fan Loreno Rinaldi said: “Not good enough I’m afraid ... With terrible results of late this was the last thing the loyal fans needed.”

Hosie added: “This club along with others in the Championship were recently awarded Scottish Government cash to the tune of £500,000 to compensate for the Covid crisis. It is my concern that there needs to be transparency as to how this cash is being deployed by the club as they appear gung-ho about the Covid regulations.

“Other clubs have been penalised financially for breaching these rules and points have been deducted for players testing positive. I would be interested to hear how the SFA and/or the SPFL intend to now deal with this club.”