MICHAEL Russell yesterday ripped apart the Tories' push for Brexit, which he said is happening "for no good reason except prejudice".

He said the Conservatives had pandered and promoted that prejudice and, refusing to give way to allow a rebuttal from the opposition, said: "That is the shame they should feel."

The Scottish Constitution Secretary yesterday closed the proceedings at Holyrood with the speech which covered his father, the tabloids, the Brexit deal, and the Tories' "nonsense" arguments which he said are "constitutionally and legally untrue".

Russell's nine-minute contribution has been widely hailed on social media as "one for the history books".

National columnist Paul Kavanagh said it was a "belter of a speech" which "beautifully summed up what so many of us are feeling".

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Others said that it was the "best speech heard in the Scottish Parliament" and that it gave them "goosebumps".

One John Stewart said it was a "wonderful speech", adding: "Erudite, emotional, aspirational, inspired and inspiring!"

Responding to the tributes, which are still pouring in, Russell wrote this afternoon that he was "grateful if a bit overwhelmed by so many positive messages".

He went on: "What I said yesterday in [Holyrood] about the folly of Brexit was from the heart. Now we must use our hearts and heads to secure independence and re-join our European friends and neighbours."

You can watch the full speech here: