ON December 17 the Scotsman newspaper published the results of its poll on Scottish independence, a record-equaling 58% for Yes. 

However, since then a lot has changed.

If you ignore the fact that Boris Johnson's trade deal leaves many aspects of the future UK-EU relationship "unaddressed and kicked down the road" (according to DUP MP Sammy Wilson) and listen to the Tory spin, Brexit is done. 

The threat of a No-Deal has been extinguished as the Tories and Labour united in Westminster to vote through a deal which hurts Scotland's "fishermen, farmers and the educational prospects of the next generation", according to Europe Minister Jenny Gilruth.

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The evolving landscape has left many asking how support for Scottish independence will have been affected, and ScotGoesPop plans to answer that question.

James Kelly, who is looking to commission a poll on the topic, said: "Conservatives are claiming that Boris Johnson's last gasp, minimalistic trade deal is some sort of monumental setback for the independence movement.

"They also seem to believe that the public have been successfully hoodwinked into believing that the SNP 'voted for No Deal' - when in fact it was only the Conservatives themselves that put us all at severe risk of a catastrophic No Deal outcome.  

You can donate to help get the poll up and running here

"Who knows, perhaps the public are reacting in the way that the Tories want them to react - but that seems highly unlikely somehow, and they should probably be allowed to speak for themselves."

To that end, Kelly is seeking to raise £7500 to commission a poll from a firm affiliated to the British Polling Council.

However, he adds: "There's never any guarantee that we'll get the results that we want - but anything is better than Unionist parties presuming to speak for the people of Scotland at such a critical juncture in our national story."

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