IAN Blackford furiously corrected Boris Johnson this morning as he insisted on calling the SNP by the wrong name again.

The Tory leader has repeatedly insisted on calling the SNP the “Scottish Nationalist Party” rather than the Scottish National Party.

The Speaker has warned Johnson over this before, but Johnson generally gets away with it.

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Blackford interrupted Johnson as he started off today’s Commons debate on the Tory Brexit deal, questioning his claim that Scotland is “taking back control” of its waters when it has emerged fishermen will see a “fall in the quantity of fish” they can catch.

The SNP Westminster leader said: “I am just wondering how on earth the Prime Minister can talk about taking back control of waters when Scottish fisherman are going to have less access and less fish to catch as a consequence of his con deal?”

Boris Johnson replied: “I must correct [Blackford] in what he says because in fact, under this deal, we have taken back control of our waters, and indeed Scottish fishermen from the get-go will have access to bigger quotas of all the relevant stocks.”

Johnson insisted: "It is only the Scottish Nationalist Party that would hand back control of the waters of this country to the [EU] with spectacular hypocrisy."

Blackford cut in: "Can you point out to the Prime Minister that the name of my party is the Scottish National Party?"

Lindsay Hoyle replied: "In fairness I have pointed it out in the past. It is the Scottish National Party, Prime Minister."

Johnson then said: "I wish the right honourable gentleman to know that I am using the word nationalist with a small N and I don't think that he would disagree with that which is semantically justifiable under the circumstances."