A SPECIALIST solicitor who uses her prolific social media activity to regularly slag off Nicola Sturgeon, her party and the Scottish Government generally, has likened the SNP to the Nazis.

Janet Hood, who runs a training and consultancy business from Brechin in Angus, claims to be one of Scotland’s top licensing solicitors with more than 30 years of experience in the field.

Her Twitter activity includes regular retweets of material from Tory party figures and journalists, as well as tweets from would-be politicians, keen football fans and RT broadcaster George Galloway.

Hood also appears to be a fan of Graham Grant, home affairs editor of the Daily Mail’s Scottish edition. He tweeted on Monday about what he called “A day of shame” for the SNP after Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill MP Steven Bonnar, was criticised for allegedly saying “nationalists were prepared to fight to the death for our country”.

Grant’s tweet also showed a Mail story having a dig at Finance Secretary Kate Forbes, claiming she backed “Gaelic-only housing schemes”. Hood quoted Grant’s tweet, adding the comment: “Are these people mad? What if you speak Polish? Urdu? Hindi? French? As first language and have no Gaelic? But have rudimentary English how hate filled is this Scottish Xenophobia Party don’t put your X there.”

Over the Christmas period, Hood retweeted several of Galloway’s tweets, including this response to being called a quisling: “This a Scottish Nationalist calling me a ‘Quisling’. The SNP was FOUNDED by actual Quislings. Who collaborated with Hitler. Who schemed to profit from a fascist invasion. Who were INTERNED! Who wrote poems saying ‘London’s burning, I don’t care’.”

Another she retweeted was a plug for his new political outfit: “I will seek to rally and lead those who want to see the end of minority separatist rule in Scotland. To end the Neverendum and return real politics to a land freely and securely in a New Britain. I hope you will join me behind the @Alliance4Unity”.

The National:

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Links to Galloway’s tweets disappeared late yesterday from Hood’s Twitter feed.

However, she also quoted a tweet from user Kevin Hague, from Edinburgh on Tuesday, in which he claimed to live in a country where “individuals’ failure to agree with the party of government’s desire to break up the UK leads to businesses being boycotted, people being professionally snubbed and charities being told to step into line if they want government funding”.

Hood commented: “Socialist National Party of Scotland – Heil”, a clear reference to Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

When The National confronted her yesterday, she said: “I’m concerned about things such as the Hate Crimes Bill, which I’m worried about because of its lack of consideration and the likelihood that it is going to remove the ability for freedom of speech. And I’m also concerned about the fact that the SNP seem to be very good at supporting their own ... one was sent to various charitable organisations in Glasgow, most of them went to people with an SNP prominent person on the directorships. And I’m concerned with things like that.”

When we asked if it was acceptable to compare the SNP with the Nazis she became a tad reticent, telling us: “Erm, I don’t know, really. If you read lots of Twitter, that’s basically, where you need to think about that, but I don’t wish to converse with you. Thank you.” She then hung up.

The Law Society of Scotland, which regulates Hood professionally, said it would not act unless an official complaint had been made.