The National:

"THIS is going to be a fantastic year for Britain,” Boris Johnson boldly predicted 12 months ago.

Like pretty much everything he’s forecast since then, it’s turned out to be somewhat wide of the mark.

The UK did not “send coronavirus packing” within 12 weeks; England’s track and trace system is not “world-beating”; and things certainly have not gone back to normal by Christmas.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that as the year comes to a close, even the race for Christmas number one in the charts has become a humiliation for the Prime Minister.

That’s because a song called Boris Johnson is a f****** **** is rivalling Mariah Carey and Ladbaby for the top spot.

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The explicit song, by comedy rock group The Kunts, comprises solely of the lyrics “Boris Johnson is a f****** ****/ He’s a f****** ****” for 82 seconds.

The odds have now shortened dramatically on the track being Christmas number one after it peaked at number two in the UK iTunes chart. Paddy Power has cut the price from 16/1 to 6/1.

We’re guessing it’s not the Christmas present Boris Johnson was dreaming of.

But as he’s proved again and again this year, his dreams don’t tend to come true.