The National:

THE Tories have put a call out for interested right-wingers to come forward and stand for the party on the list at next May’s election. 

Registration is now open for anyone keen on being the next Oliver Mundell, Murdo Fraser or Michelle Ballantyne

It’ll then be up to local activists to decide the ranking of the Holyrood hopefuls on the constituency list. 

However, for the first time, certain special, potential candidates will be able to get a commendation from Ruth Davidson, if they are "especially qualified".

It's not quite clear what especially qualified means. Being able to say No to indyref2 in a number of fun and inventive ways? Maybe it's about being able to count up to two to make sure none of your constituents are claiming too much child benefit?

Anyway, the former leader is chairing a new selection panel to make sure the party takes the "brightest and the best" to Holyrood next year.  No more will they take the dullest and the worst. 

It’s all part of a shake-up on how they select candidates. 

For the first time, Tory candidates who are not standing in a constituency will be able to run on the list, provided “they are an approved party candidate that has already met the candidate board's selection criteria".

Davidson’s committee “will agree those to be ranked and give special endorsement to especially qualified candidates".

She said: "Every year the group of Scottish Conservative candidates putting themselves forward to serve gets stronger and stronger.

“Our successes in recent years, consolidating the Scottish Conservatives as the main opposition and being the only party strong enough to challenge the SNP, means we need the brightest and best.

“We also need to go beyond previous years where only constituency candidates could stand on the list and I'm delighted this means further pathways into elected politics for people from all backgrounds and with diverse experiences.

“Irrespective of age, job, gender or ethnicity, we want talented people prepared to work hard in the service of their local community and I am determined to ensure that the team under Douglas Ross after May is the strongest Conservative team ever elected to Holyrood."

They'll be hoping for a better record than last December's General Election, when they were forced to suspend two of their candidates.