OUTLANDER star Sam Heughan has reaffirmed his support for Scottish independence, by sharing the National's front page.

The Scottish actor, best known for his starring role as Jamie Fraser in Outlander, tweeted on Saturday that he was "so angry we are in this situation", referring to the No-Deal Brexit being pushed on Scotland by Westminster.

In a blistering attack on Boris Johnson and his Tories, Heughan said that they had led the "UK public astray on this ridiculously small-minded, hopeless, jingoistic nonsense".

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Commenting on the reported plans to deploy gunboats in the Channel to defend "British fish", the star went on: "We now look like a schoolyard bully, small-minded and losing friends fast. Now is the time to work together and unite."

He finished his tweet with an emoji showing red-faced anger.

Following that just a little later, Heughan tweeted again to say that it is "time to escape being dictated to by buffoons", followed by a Saltire emoji.

It was on this tweet that Heughan also shared a copy of The National with the front page headline "FM takes indy fight to the world".

Heughan's fame has given him a huge reach online, which only helped to spread the independence message further. 

Underneath his post people from a staggeringly diverse range of nations, including Germany, Argentina, the USA, Brazil, and Portugal to name but a few, were engaging with the idea of a new nation emerging from the UK.

Heughan ended his political contributions with another tweet which read simply: "Deep breath."