YES retains its lead over No in Scotland as the sixteenth opinion poll in a row reveals the independence majority is still in place.

Polling firm Survation asked more than 1000 Scots of voting age how they'd vote if a referendum on the constitution was held tomorrow, with the question set as "should Scotland be an independent country?"

A total of 52% of respondents said they'd vote Yes.

The fieldwork was carried out in the first week in the month and marks a 2% fall on a Survation result from November.

The latest work also shows the SNP retains its "commanding lead" in voting intention for the next Scottish Parliament and general elections.

Nicola Sturgeon's party is on on 53% for the Holyrood constituency contest — which is down 1% from last month — with Labour up 2% and the Tories up 1%, taking both of these parties to 20%. The LibDems are polling 6% and just 1% of respondents said they'd back any other party.

In the regional race, the SNP has a "strong lead" of 41% against 20% for Labour  and 18% for the Conservatives on 18%. Both of those unionist parties have seen a 1% positive swing since November and the Greens are on 10%, ahead of the LibDems.

And for a general election, 51% said they'd vote SNP, 21% backed Labour and 20% said they'd vote Tory.