THE First Minister has sent a message to Paris after the city’s mayor signed the Edinburgh Declaration on global biodiversity.

Leaders around the world have signed the declaration calling for bold action to tackle biodiversity loss, including mayors and ministers in Sweden, Quebec, Mexico and Catalonia. This week Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo added her name to the list.

Following the news Nicola Sturgeon filmed a video message praising co-operation between Scotland and Paris, and other cities around the world.

It comes as Scotland is due to host next year’s COP26 summit, which will bring world leaders to Glasgow to discuss action on tackling climate change.

The First Minister told viewers: “We have a lot to learn and a lot to gain from working with our international partners.

“For Scotland that means working closely with governments at all levels – importantly that includes co-operating with devolved regional and local governments around the world.”

Sturgeon went on: “I am delighted that Mayor Hidalgo has signed the declaration this week on behalf of the city of Paris.

“The declaration sets out our shared commitment to tackle biodiversity loss and it calls for a greater level of ambition amongst UN member states in the development of the future UN biodiversity framework.

“Scotland is keen to see devolved regional and local governments demonstrate similar leadership ahead of COP26, that’s something we’re trying to achieve not least through our role as European co-chair of the Under2 Coalition.

“By working together we believe we can present a powerful case for greater international action.”

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Social media users shared the clip as the UK heads closer to a No-Deal exit and threatened to use gunboats to protect British fishing waters in such an event.

Former SNP communications director Kevin Pringle shared the clip on Twitter, writing: “This is the kind of engagement with France we want.”

Derek Cowan added: “A REAL national leader! Not perfect but made of the right stuff possessing: Gravitas, intelligence, humility, empathy, patience, diplomacy, logic and reason, considered, tolerant....

“The list goes on and on and on.”

Another user commented: “The new normal getting started early: Our FM in international context, with French subtitles! Time to rejoin the EU and leave the dead language of UK, Scotland.”

The UK’s decision to threaten to deploy gunboats to UK fishing waters in the case of a No-Deal has caused outrage this morning.

The Tory chairman of the Commons Defence Committee Tobias Ellwood slammed the move as “irresponsible”.

Meanwhile, French MEP Pierre Karleskind, chairman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries, called for calm.

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He told Times Radio: “Let’s keep cool. Let’s keep calm. I was just looking at a history book.

“The creation of the French Royal Navy was done in 1294 in response to naval battles between French and English fishermen. So this is a long, long history between our two nations.

“You’re saying it’s about fish but let’s think just a few seconds. Do you really think it’s only about fish that navy ships are used and will be used? I don’t think so.

“I think there are other interests like the control of the border, especially the question of migrants.”