A SURVEY for Zero Waste Scotland has revealed that more than four out of five Scots (86%) agree we all have a responsibility to cut down on waste over Christmas.

The poll, carried out by Survation, also found 65% of respondents plan on minimising their waste in comparison with other years, while 55% were concerned about the environmental impacts of buying new items over the festive period.

With Christmas often associated with excess, Zero Waste Scotland has launched its #ChristmasTrimmings campaign to help Scots with practical ideas and tips on small changes to cut their carbon footprint. Asking for a second-hand gift is just one of the ways Scots could turn the tables on a wasteful Christmas.

Jenny Fraser, consumer campaigns manager at Zero Waste Scotland, said: “It is wonderful that such a high percentage of people agree that we need to cut down on waste and that many recognise the environmental implication of buying new.

"Four-fifths of our carbon emissions as a country are linked to the products we consume, through the production, manufacture and transport of materials. We need to reduce this significantly if we are going to address the climate crisis.”