The National:

A POLL of Tory members’ satisfaction with 27 senior party members has revealed some fascinating insights – and they’re not good for Douglas Ross or Alister.

The Scottish Tory leader ranked 16th on the list of 27 Cabinet members and senior figures, while the Scottish Secretary was 22nd.

Michael Gove, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Priti Patel and Dominic Raab were all ranked as more popular.

Liz Truss was, unbelievably, the highest ranked with a net satisfaction rating of 75.4, closely followed by the Chancellor with 74.6.

Ben Wallace, Defence Secretary, came third with 65.8, Raab fourth with 63.5 and Steve Barclay, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, fifth with 50.3.

The National:

Bullying allegations appeared to have little impact on the Home Secretary’s satisfaction rating as she came sixth with 49.3. This is just three points down from the previous poll.

Further down the list, following Gove who ranked 30.1, Ross scored 27.8. And even further down than that, just five places from the bottom, Jack received 13.3.

The poor score for the Scottish Secretary could add fuel to rumours that he could be ousted in an upcoming Cabinet reshuffle.

So, who were the least popular? Sitting right underneath Jack was the Minister for the Union himself, Boris Johnson, on a stunning 2.9.

And Health Secretary Matt Hancock managed an even worse ranking on just 0.4.

There was a handful of figures with negative rankings – those unlucky members were Community Secretary Robert Jenrick and chairman Amanda Milling.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson – relevant for his recent Trumpian insistence that the UK is the best country in the world, much better than anyone else – was ranked last with -22.5. Ouch.

The poll was carried out by the Conservative Home website through November.

It comes after an Ipsos MORI poll showed the Tories are on track to receive just 22% at the Holyrood election, losing them three seats.