“THIS is a movement open to all. Welcome” – that’s the message of a new No-to-Yes campaign website launched by a voter who has already made the switch.

Michael Sturrock joined the SNP after rethinking his position on independence after the 2014 referendum and was among those who put themselves forward as a candidate for the party’s 2021 Holyrood race.

Now he has launched a new online tool aimed at encouraging others to make the switch and aims to make this “a place of conversation and collaboration where we can discuss the positive message of independence and, indeed, discuss people’s concerns and the potential challenges that lie ahead” – without the “heat” in much online debate.

Already live, www.notoyes.vote has linked Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and currently includes material promoting the establishment of an independent Scotland within the European Union, Sturrock’s own reasons for switching and information about positive campaigning.

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It also links to a crowdfunder that aims to raise £2000 to promote “the NotoYes movement” and “offer support to candidates and campaigns which embody the movement in the May 2021 Scottish Parliament elections”.

Sturrock said: “The most important thing for now is to get people talking. I hope the website will do just that.”

The site states: “It is irrefutable that, since the first Scottish independence referendum in 2014, things have changed. Above all things, promises about the future of Scotland within the UK have been broken.

“Government in Scotland has also delivered positive outcomes for the people of our nation. For all former No voters, this ought to be more than enough cause to reconsider the merits of independence. For many, it is reason enough to move from No to Yes.”