LEADING independence activists and an SNP MP have been elected to the inaugural committee of a new Yes campaign group.

Yes Alba, the creation of which has been spearheaded by All Under One Banner (AUOB), is to be officially launched in January.

It aims to give a voice to the grassroots of the independence movement and allow a campaign to be mobilised quickly.

The plan to set up the organisation was backed by the majority of the 1200 people who signed up for the AUOB online assembly last month.

A total of 45 people were seeking election to the 15-strong committee, with the results announced on social media.

Among the successful candidates was National columnist and former SNP MSP George Kerevan, who won the most votes with 247.

Next was historian, journalist and activist Craig Murray – who lost out on the SNP presidency to Michael Russell – with 197 and AUOB’s Neil Mackay with 179.

SNP MP Angus MacNeil also made the cut, winning 178 votes.

He will be joined on the committee by AUOB’s Andrew Wilson.

The other positions will be filled by Sheena Jardine, Suzanne Blackley, Mairianna Clyde, Ian Grant, Charlotte Ahmed, Keir McKechnie, Lyn Middleton, Gillian Mair, Linda McCorrison and Carol McNamara.

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A total of 239 people took part in the vote, which took place over the past week and closed at 10am.

A statement from AUOB read: “Many congratulations to those who were successful. Together you will shoulder the task of establishing good governance for a new organisation and of achieving that quickly. Now progress demands discussion, hard work and compromise. This is surely progress for the Yes movement.

“It’s vital that this group meets urgently to build bonds of respect and common purpose and to get on with the most pressing tasks of establishing the organisation towards the 1st January 2021 launch.

“Given the number of nominations it was inevitable that many would not be elected. Whilst that will be a disappointment, a fantastic range of people nominated themselves. We hope this new organisation will utilise everyone’s skills, expertise and support as it comes into being.”

The creation of Yes Alba has been supported by SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

Speaking during the AUOB assembly, he said: “We are going to require a Yes movement to be in existence to fight a referendum and the earlier people start to think about that and how they wish to contribute, the better.

“I am very happy about an organic expression of support for independence and the movement coming together and providing the infrastructure for that.”

Questioned further, the Ross, Skye and Lochaber MP added: “I am happy to work with the entire movement and the party is committed to working with the movement to make sure we deliver the result we all want.”