A FOUR-DAY working week would create 60,000 jobs and be “good value for money”, according to a think tank.

At the SNP conference last weekend a motion was passed by a massive majority in support of a four-day working week in an independent Scotland.

Party members have now called on Holyrood to start a review looking at bringing a four-day week to the country after independence.

The policy idea has become more mainstream in recent years, with New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern recently speaking about how a four-day week could help her country’s economy recover after Covid-19.

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Will Stronge, the director of research at think tank Autonomy, said: “A four-day week in the Scottish public sector would be a high-impact, low cost policy that could pioneer better work-life balance for workers across Scotland.

“At a very small fraction of the overall public sector pay bill, the move to a four-day week represents good value for money when considered alongside all of the benefits to workers and their employers.”

Meanwhile Joe Ryle, a campaigner with the 4 Day Week Campaign, said: “Scotland is leading the way on a four-day week and this report shows very clearly that the policy is both desirable and affordable.

“The Scottish Government doesn’t have the power to implement a four-day week across the entire economy but they can and should implement it across Scotland’s public sector.”