BORIS Johnson will have no choice but to agree to a second independence referendum if the SNP win big at next year’s Holyrood election, the Scottish Tories’ former head of media has admitted.

In an explosive column, Adam Morris explains he’d be in favour of banning Boris Johnson from crossing the Border were it not for the inevitable media furore.

He also hails Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross because he “won’t make gaffes”.

Boris Johnson’s government has repeatedly refused to countenance the possibility of indyref2, even if the SNP win a majority in the 2021 election.

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But writing for the i newspaper, Morris says a landslide would force the Prime Minister’s hand.

“Such a win would lead to a First Minister marching to Westminster with a fresh mandate for a second Scottish independence referendum, a mandate the UK Government would not be able to reject,” the former Scottish Conservative media chief states.

He goes on to argue that Brexiteer Johnson has been disastrous for the party north of the Border.

“Regrettably, he can’t be banned outright, because that would become a ‘thing’ in itself,” Morris writes. “Two visits maximum, I would say. One at the start and one a couple of weeks out from polling day, probably to a secretive factory or perhaps some kind of early-morning fishery establishment (assuming Brexit goes well for that group).

“They cannot afford to see more of him than that. If the election is painted as a choice between Nicola and Boris, there’s only one person the public is going to choose. Instead, we will probably see the visits of more palatable Conservatives from England, such as the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak. Michael Gove will make a couple of calls to his home town of Aberdeen.

He adds: “If Mr Johnson wants an election campaign to undermine and jeopardise, there are plenty of local government and mayoral elections in England at the same time.”

Morris also gives his thoughts on Ross, who succeeded Jackson Carlaw. The Scottish Tory leader is described as “highly competent, holds the line brilliantly, and won’t make gaffes”.

The National: Douglas Ross

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The column continues: “His refereeing credentials (which political opponents envy despite pretending otherwise) help him break through to working-class and urban Scotland, while his farming background and teuchter accent buy him favour everywhere else.

“Do not expect to see too much of Ruth Davidson. She may be a big asset on the campaign trail, but there is the awkwardness of her campaigning for a production from which she is departing.”

The SNP have been approached for comment.

Morris’s intervention comes after former Scottish Tory spin doctor Eddie Barnes warned the Union is "heading for calamity".

Ruth Davidson’s ex-speech writer, in an article for the Times, added: "The SNP’s political success has been based, often, on the fact that their complaints are justified.

"This dysfunction is now reaching breaking point."