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DON’T get Douglas Ross started on independence.

The Scottish Tory leader simply won’t stand for any mention of breaking free from the Union.

Such is his commitment to stamping out any such talk, he’s prepared to use any platform whatsoever to tell anyone who’ll listen that talking about independence is absolutely not on.

Unfortunately for the Moray MP, that tactic inevitably involves spending quite a lot of time talking about his least favourite subject.

And it turns out that’s quite problematic when you’re invited to speak on a non-political TV show.

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The Scottish Tory boss learned as much as he appeared as a guest on BBC Scotland’s coverage of the First Minister’s coronavirus update.

He was asked about the Government’s new mass testing initiatives, which are being trialed in several parts of Scotland.

But the Moray MP simply wasn’t interested. How could he be when he knew he had to warn unsuspecting Scots that the Scottish National Party has, scandalously, been discussing independence again.

Yet just as Ross was getting into his rhythm, he was shut down by the BBC Scotland presenter, who noted that it wasn’t a political show and he couldn’t allow the Scottish Tory leader to prattle on about his favorite subject.

That brought him on to his second favourite subject, the BBC’s apparent pro-SNP bias.

A somewhat tetchy Ross was again scolded by the presenter. Watch the exchange here.

People in glass houses, Mr Ross...