Michael Russell is the new president of the SNP, beating off rival bids from former ambassador Craig Murray and ex-MP Corri Wilson. 

The role is honorary traditionally, with the party's constitution stating that it is a position elected for distinguished service to the party and not an executive post.

Russell is due to stand down as an MSP ahead of the 2021 Holyrood election.

There were a whole raft of positions up for election at this year's conference, including roles on the party’s ruling body, the National Executive Committee (NEC).

One major upset in the battle was the defeat of Alyn Smith by activist Chris Hanlon.

The Stirling MP had been at the centre of a heated row over claims of factions. 

Stewart Stevenson has been named as the new National Secretary.

West Dunbartonshire councillor Caroline McAllister has been named as the new Women's Convenor. She is also the convenor of the Women's Pledge group who are critical of the Scottish Government's planned reforms to the Gender Recognition Act.


The results of the party's internal elections are below. 

National Office Bearers
President – Michael Russell
National Treasurer – Douglas Chapman
National Secretary – Stewart Stevenson
Organisation Convener – Stacy Bradley
Local Government Convener – Lynne Anderson
Policy Development Convener – Chris Hanlon
Member Support Convener – Douglas Daniel
Women’s Convener – Caroline McAllister
Equalities Convener – Lynne Anderson
BAME Convener – Graham Campbell
Disabled Members’ Convener – Jamie Szymkowiak

National Executive Committee
Alexander Kerr
Alison Thewliss
Allison Graham
Amanda Burgauer
Brian Lawson
Catriona MacDonald
Christina Cannon
Ciaran McRae
Dorothy Jessiman
Emma Hendrie
Farah Farzana
Findlay MacGregor
Heather Anderson
Ian Cockburn
Joanna Cherry
Laura Mitchell
Robert de Bold
Roger Mullin

Conferences Committee
Anne McLaughlin
Corri Wilson
Danny Aston
Delia Henry
Joan Hutcheson
Kirsteen Currie
Malcolm Balfour
Patrick Grady
Rory Steel
Roz Currie

Policy Development Committee
Caroline Bamforth
Colin Milne
Cynthia Guthrie
Gordon Millar
Julie Hepburn
Kairin van Sweeden (Unopposed)
Kirsteen Currie (Unopposed)
Lee Robb
Margaret Lynch
Munro Ross
Rory Steel
Rosemary Hunter (Unopposed)
Simon Ritchie
Susan Katherine Sanders (Unopposed)
Timothy Rideout

Member Conduct Committee
Corri Wilson
Cynthia Guthrie
Delia Henry
Elaine Wylie
Ellen McMaster
Gavin Lundy
Malcolm Balfour
Neale Hanvey
Owen Thompson

Conduct Appeals Committee
Ewan Hamilton
Greg Lennon
Lachlan McNeill
Malcolm Mitchell
Margaret Lynch
Robert Thompson
Rod Campbell