NICOLA Sturgeon has warned Boris Johnson will be “swept away” like Donald Trump if he continues to deny democracy.

The First Minister sent a stark message to the Tory Prime Minister as she confirmed the Scottish Government will consider legal action if Downing Street refuses to agree to a second independence referendum.

The SNP leader also said the proposed date for indyref2 was likely to be published in the party's election manifesto.

She noted that the question of whether Holyrood can hold another plebiscite without Westminster’s consent has never been ruled on in court.

“I hope it never has to be tested in court because I think the democratic argument should prevail. But if Boris Johnson wants to stand in the way of democracy we’ll have to consider all of those options," the First Minister said.

“But let’s just all agree as democrats – we can argue over whether Scotland is right to want to be independent or not, that’s perfectly legitimate – but I don’t think it’s credible, sustainable or right in any way shape or form for Boris Johnson or any prime minister to say regardless of how people in Scotland vote, I’m going to decide what should and shouldn’t happen.

“Let’s put our faith in the power of democracy.”

The SNP leader added: “We see across the Atlantic right now what happens to leader who try to hold back the tide of democracy – they get swept away. I know Boris Johnson looks to Donald Trump for many things, perhaps he should look and learn in that respect as well.”

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Fourteen consecutive opinion polls have recorded a Yes majority in Scotland, with support soaring for the SNP ahead of the Holyrood election in May.

Sturgeon was also pressed about indyref2 during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

Speaking on the final day of the SNP conference, the FM was asked by host Piers Morgan how she would make another independence referendum happen if Westminster continues to reject a ballot.

She replied: "The first thing I'm going to do is get the authority of the people of Scotland and if Boris Johnson chooses to stand in its way, I'll set out then the steps we will take, but I'm going to put my faith in democracy.

"Across the Atlantic with Boris Johnson's pal – I know he used to be a pal of yours as well - we see what happens to politicians who try to stand in the way of the tide of democracy, they get swept away.”

"This is about democracy and the ability of the people of Scotland to decide their own future."

Asked on BBC Good Morning Scotland whether a referendum date would be included in the manifesto, Sturgeon said: “Very likely, yes.

“The reason I’m not doing that right now is, I think, pretty obvious to everybody. We’re still in a global pandemic right now, the immediate future is uncertain. We’re more hopeful that vaccines will get us out of it but there’s no certainty yet.

“We just published legislation not that long ago with contingencies for what might have to happen to the Holyrood election if Covid was to get in the way, so there is a lot of uncertainty, and my focus and energy right has to be on steering the country through.

“But if we’re in a position by the time we get to our manifesto where we can give more clarity about that, then yes, that is something that I would hope you’ll see there.”