The National:

FROM the solemnity of the Covid storm, has come a determination which has united our nations and a resolve to rebuild.

Covid has crossed continents, exposed excess, entrenched inequality, and laid bare the fragility of our being. It has struck everywhere, but how governments have struck back will be the defining issue of our time.

The Scottish Government led by the SNP has done just that – striking back with the consistency and conviction envied by many across the world under the outstanding leadership of Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Meanwhile in Downing Street, the pandemic has exposed the worst excesses of Westminster rule.

Dubious PPE contracts, a calamitous testing regime, and a Tory "chumocracy" which is growing by the day. In Wales they stole our tests, in Scotland too they denied furlough, and now they’re aiming fire at devolution itself.

The challenge now for our both Wales and Scotland is to not be footnotes in someone else’s history but the authors of our own.

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How do we guarantee people opportunity in youth and dignity in old age? How do we create a greener, kinder economy which preserves our planet for future generations? Now that the clapping has stopped, how do we take care of our carers?

The devolution dividend will only take us so far. The answer to all these questions?


Support for Welsh independence is at an all-time high. Polling shows that 72% of people in Wales don’t trust Westminster, 59% want devo max. The right to govern ourselves, so long discounted in our discourse and derided as a pipe dream, has moved from the margins to the mainstream.

And we need independence now more than ever. The Chancellor’s reward for the sacrifice and struggle of public sector workers is the poison pill of a public pay freeze. Where they build back bitter, we have a blueprint for our countries not just to be equal nations alongside all others, but nations of equals, fair and free, where freedom is the key to the flourishing of all.

And we, Scotland and Wales, are on this journey together.

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True enough, it is this common cause which is the bedrock of the bond between our sister parties ever since Winnie Ewing’s seminal victory in Hamilton was cheered on in Westminster by that crowd of at least 200 Welsh supporters, with our first MP Gwynfor Evans at her side.

Just like those hundreds of Welsh campaigners who campaigned for Scotland in 2014.

On the day itself I was in Murrayfield and I’ve never yearned there for a Scottish victory before. But it’s canvassing a Glasgow tenement that I will never forget, and a gentleman in his eighties, climbing four flights of stairs, gasping for air because he wanted to say thank you.

Just like Winnie and Gwynfor showed, we have taken it in turn to stand on each other’s shoulders, but this is a fight we will win together.

And win it we must. For the hill farmer in the Highlands and the steel worker in Port Talbot. For the fishermen in Fraserburgh and the haulage firm in Holyhead.

These are ones that must be protected from the perils of a Westminster Government – hell bent on a reckless Brexit at any cost. As our workforce face being tariffed to oblivion and our Government’s bypassed by the power grabbing UK Parliament – we say no more.

No more deceit, no more disrespect, no more dodgy deals devised by Dom.

Our time has come to forge our own union, a Celtic Union - as inclusive, outward and forward looking, our patriotism based on the progress, all of our people. Now that’s a union worth joining.