SNP depute leader Keith Brown has said the party will “work as never before” to win the 2021 election.

Speaking from the SNP’s virtual conference, the MSP said the May election will be of “genuinely historic significance”.

The latest polling shows the SNP are on track to secure a majority, while 14 consecutive results have shown support for independence above support for the Union.

Brown told conference: “I believe we are about to witness a Scottish Parliament election that will be of genuinely historic significance. An election that will determine how we rebuild and renew our country and who takes those decisions. 

“The challenge for us all is to work as never before, to convince our fellow Scots to put their trust not just in us, but in each other, and deliver an unprecedented, an undeniable, an unstoppable demand for a new independence referendum.”

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The depute leader explained how the party will implement Covid-safe campaigning.

“We will shortly launch – our virtual doorstep that will help you canvass voters, without putting anyone at risk,” Brown said.

“SNP.Scot will include all the support you need on Covid-safe campaigning and it will allow you to input survey data in real time. Making it quicker and easier for you to reach more people.

“We are also launching a drive to help more people across Scotland sign up for postal votes, to ensure that no matter what happens, they can cast their vote for the SNP on polling day.”

Brown added that the SNP will publish a series of magazines aiming to answer undecided voters’ questions about Scottish independence.

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He explained: “We know people want more information than can be contained in a two-sided leaflet.

“So, we will be launching a series of magazines, which will be published right up to referendum day.

“Our plans had to be put on hold when lockdown came, but with a brighter future ahead and more people asking for information on what independence means for them, the first in the series will include part one of a ‘household guide to independence’ which you can use to convince those still looking to be convinced of the merits of independence.”