IT comes as no surprise to regular critics of the BBC to find Laura Kuenssberg is parotting lines given to her by the Tory Government. Her grasp of economics, talking nonsense about the country’s credit card being maxed out, merely underlines the BBC’s willingness to feed the public complete trash.

When the Tory Government was looking for an official spokesperson to decipher Boris Johnson’s ramblings so that mere humans could understand there was a surprise in some quarters that Kuenssberg didn’t get the job - after all she’s being translating his nonsense into sound bites for years.

This latest example of her simply repeating whatever nonsense the Tories come up with underlines why no-one should be paying a TV licence that funds this level of misinformation. We have probably the most openly corrupt government the UK has ever seen yet the BBC still simply repeat the lies without even bothering to question them. Time to ditch the BBC, time to ditch the TV tax.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren