YES supporters are asked to speak up for Scotland in a new online initiative.

The Be A Voice campaign is a series of one minute videos from members of the public.

It’s the brainchild of the Voices for Scotland (VfS) organisation, which hopes the drive will “connect people across Scotland in a community of ideas, hopes and visions for an independent Scotland”.

Journalist and Yes veteran Ruth Wishart – a columnist for The National – has already recorded her video for the campaign’s launch today.

She said: “It’s important that people of my generation consider what kind of country they are bequeathing their grandchildren.

“The future is theirs and we have no right to mortgage it.”

The project is part of VfS efforts to increase independence support by allowing debate to take place outwith party politics.

The organisation said: “Voices is creating space for a civic conversation and activism where people share information, discuss and debate what a future independent Scotland looks like and how it works to create a fairer, more equal society. Our Be A Voice campaign is a step towards achieving this.”

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It is understood that the campaign will be followed by “something much bigger” in the coming weeks.

This is still in development but The National understands it will become public early next year and will change the way the group campaigns.

Allan Whyte, VfS campaign organiser, said: “When I was campaigning in 2014 the most significant and important times were when I was having conversations with people on the streets, at bus stops or in pubs about what independence means to me, my family and my community. Obviously with the way the world is right now, we can’t do that, so Be A Voice is our attempt to connect people digitally.

“So we’re asking indy supporters to go to our website and share their stories about what independence means for them.

“The more people that take part, the more connected we become through a community of ideas.”

To take part in Be A Voice, record a one minute-long video stating why you support independence and upload it to the following link: