IT was interesting to read Pete Wishart’s recent comments on the UK Government’s continuing refusal to grant a Section 30 Order (SNP MP says Holyrood can ‘grind down’ Westminster until indyref2 is granted,, November 24).

As we all know – we have certainly been told often enough – Westminster’s position is unsustainable and undemocratic. That doesn’t mean they won’t keep doing it over and over again. Pete and others in the SNP seem to be fairly unshakeable in their faith (faith is all it is, as it does not seem to be backed up by actual evidence) that Boris Johnson will finally cave in and grant a Section 30 Order after a fourth mandate from the voters and a third official request from the Scottish Government.

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I’m afraid I can only go on the evidence of the UK Government’s past actions, so I don’t share the same faith. In my view we need to have a Plan B that we will be prepared to use when the inevitable happens and the next Section 30 order request is refused or ignored. Perhaps the knowledge that there is a serious intent of using a Plan B would be enough to bring Boris to the negotiating table, and it might never have to be used.

Pete Wishart talks about the importance of getting recognition from other countries of Scotland’s independence, which I am sure everyone on both sides of this debate will agree on. But then he also says other countries will simply refuse to recognise our independence unless we get Boris’s permission. Given that the UK have managed to alienate just about every other country in Europe in the past few years, how can he be so sure? Has he spoken to any of them yet? Has anyone in the SNP asked them?

Maybe those conversations are already taking place, but if they aren’t they definitely should be. I’m sure many in the independence movement will be wondering why Pete can have so much faith in Boris Johnson and the Tories recognising the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland, but so little faith in our friends and neighbours across Europe and the rest of the world doing the same.

Paul Donaldson