THE controversial Wings Over Scotland blog is the political website most accessed by Scottish Government staff, a freedom of information request has revealed.

The request asked for the Government to release the number of times each of eight different political websites had been accessed from official devices over the past six months.

It found that Wings Over Scotland, which is run by Stuart Campbell, was accessed almost 1100 times by Nicola Sturgeon's officials in the six months between April 27 and October 28.

The SNP website came second, having been accessed 890 times from Government devices over that same period.

The Scottish LibDems’ site was accessed 706 times, Bella Caledonia 672 times, the Scottish Greens 568, the Scottish Tories 424, and Scottish Labour 225 times.

The ultra-nationalist Siol Nan Gaidheal (Seed of the Gael) was accessed just once.

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Campbell, who is originally from Stirling, runs the Wings Over Scotland site from the English city of Bath.

He said the findings were “amusing” given his recent vocal criticism of SNP MPs, including the Westminster representative for Stirling, Alyn Smith.

Smith recently labeled the blog a “sad busted flush, well past the point of utility”, calling Campbell the “SNP’s answer to Voldemort”.

Smith’s article was shared by fellow SNP MP Pete Wishart, who praised the piece and added: “The SNPBad bloggers' unchallenged reign on our social media must come to an end.”

Writing on his blog, Campbell replied: “A sad busted flush? In August we noted that we’d recorded 670,000 visits in July, far more than every other indy site big enough to register statistics put together.”

In December 2014, after the first independence referendum, Bella Caledonia told the Guardian it was getting 40,000 visitors a day and managing one million unique visitors a month. The blog declined to provide more up-to-date figures.