I WAS appalled (but not remotely surprised!) to read in Tuesday’s National that Scotland’s most senior judge agreed with the Foreign Secretary that evidence which could exonerate Abdelbaset al-Megrahi once and for all should be withheld (Megrahi appeal starts with intel documents withheld, November 24). How on earth, then, can justice possibly be done?

I have always felt that the term “public interest immunity certificate” is a misnomer because these documents rarely have anything to do with the “public interest” but are normally used for what is in the government’s (or governments’) interests.

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We are all aware, I am sure, that a ruling by the appeal judges in favour of Megrahi would open a pretty large can of worms for both the UK and US administrations, but it will be a black day for “British fair play” if the exclusion of potentially vital evidence prevents us from getting to the bottom of the Lockerbie case.

Alan Woodcock