OUR last two non-wins notwithstanding, it is terrific that Scotland will be playing in the European Nations League finals. It will be even better if they play in our true national colours – the azure/”sky” blue of our national flag.

A redesigned badge incorporating that same flag, not the childlike and garish current effort – a defunct royal lion ringed by thistles – would also be good.

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The dark navy sported by our football and rugby teams is offensive: it is simply incorrect and bends the knee to the Union “Jack”. That flag always gets it wrong, sometimes so dark it is virtually black (vide the press conferences from Downing Street etc). The panjandrums of the SFA and SRU apparently neither know nor care that they offend our national dignity in this way, and need to feel the smack of firm government.

If ever there was a time to make changes such as this (and to choose an inspiring national anthem), this current “bounce” in patriotism and the polls is it.

David Roche